ALEPPO 阿勒坡月桂油肥皂 EXTRA 40 アレッポの石鹸エキストラ 40 EXTRA 40 BAR SOAP



❌香料 ❌防腐劑 ❌螯合物 ❌色素 ❌添加物 ❌動物性原料 ❌進行動物實驗 ✨成份: 橄欖油:60%/月桂油: 40% ✨抑制體味、頭皮屑和發癢 ✨潤澤肌膚而不油膩 ✨清新的氣味 ✨洗髮後帶來清爽感 ✨適用於全身清潔,尤其推薦用於洗髮 ❌Fragrances 香料 ❌Preservatives 保存料 ❌Chelating agents キレート剤 ❌Colorants 着色料 ❌Additives 添加物 ❌Animal-derived ingredients 動物性原料 ❌Animal testing 動物実験 ✨オリーブオイル: 60% /ローレルオイル40% Olive Oil: 60% / Laurus Nobilis Oil: 40% ✨Suppressing unpleasant odors, dandruff, and itchiness   不快臭・フケ・かゆみを抑えます ✨Skin moist with a unique freshness   独特の潤いを残しつつも清々しい余韻 ✨Refreshing sensation after washing hair 洗髪をした時の爽快感 ✨Not only for body but also for hair washing 全身はもちろん、洗髪にもおすすめです

Product Details

橄欖油:60% / 月桂油: 40%





※ 因含有大量保濕成分且稍微易溶解,建議盡量使用排水性良好的肥皂盤。
 ※ 由於是手工製作,可能會出現顏色、重量、大小等方面的差異。 阿勒頗肥皂並不使用模具成型,而是將肥皂倒入寬敞的地方,然後進行切割、印章、和熟成(乾燥),所有過程都是手工製作,因此尺寸會有所不同。 我們發貨的肥皂重量超過所述值的95%,成分標籤上標示了“標準重量"







The refreshing scent of laurel provides a feeling akin to forest bathing, suppressing unpleasant odors, dandruff, and itchiness. While leaving the skin moist without feeling tight, it also retains a unique freshness. Especially after washing your hair, you'll experience a refreshing sensation unique to Extra 40. Suitable not only for the entire body but also recommended for hair washing.

The ingredients of Aleppo soap Extra are only olive oil, laurel oil, caustic soda, and water. We do not use any additives such as fragrances, preservatives, chelating agents, or colorants.

We do not use any animal-derived ingredients, and we do not conduct animal testing from raw materials to finished products, neither locally nor in Japan.

Due to containing a high amount of moisturizing ingredients and being slightly soluble, we recommend using soap trays with excellent drainage to prevent excessive melting.
Since our soaps are handmade, there may be variations in color, weight, size, etc. Aleppo soap is not molded using a mold; instead, the soap is poured into a large area, then cut, stamped, and aged (dried), all handmade, resulting in variations in size.
We ship soaps weighing over 95% of the stated value, and the "standard weight" is indicated on the ingredient label.

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